You See an Error Indicating That The CD-ROM Drive is Not Found

The problem CD-ROM drive is not found might also appear as loading problems with the low-level driver. There are several possible reasons why the drive hardware cannot be found.

Diagnosing the CD-ROM Drive Not Found Issue

Check the power connect first and be sure that the 4-pin power connector is inserted properly and completely. If the drive is being powered by a Y-connector, be sure that any interim connections are secure.

Use a voltmeter and measure the +5-V (pin 4) and +12-V (pin 1) levels. If either voltage (especially the +12-V supply) is unusually low or absent, replace the power supply.

Check the signal connector next and see that the drive's signal interface cable is connected securely at both the drive and controller. If the cable is visibly worn or damaged, try a new one.

Inspect the drive interface adapter and be sure that the adapter's IRQ, DMA, and I/O address settings are correct. They must also match with the command line switches used with the low-level driver. If the adaptor is for a CD-ROM alone, you might also try installing the adapter in a different bus slot.

If you CD-ROM uses SCSI interface, be sure that the SCSI bus is properly terminated at both ends. If problems persist, replace the drive adapter.

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