Oracle Apex Date Picker Tips & Tricks

Highlighting another Date with Current Date

Current date is highlighted by default, to highlight a particular date, use the following settings for the Highlighted Date property:

For example, highlight the date after the 7th day of the current date. Enter +7d in the Highlighted Date property. Below is the screenshot:

Setting a Minimum and Maximum Date

The same rules apply to the Minimum and Maximum Date settings. The following are the examples: Setting a minimum date to the current date and maximum date to 2 weeks later the current date. Set the following properties:

Minimum Date: +0d – Maximum Date: +2w

Display Drop Down for the Month, Year, Hours and Minutes

To display the drop-down list for Month and Year to access it easily, set the following property:

Navigation List for: Month or (Month and Year)

To display the hours and minutes drop-down in the date picker item use for Format Mask property to specify the time format:

– Format Mask: MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS