Utility: Generate PL/SQL Procedure to Export Data From a Table

Do you need to create a PL/SQL procedure to export data from Oracle table into a CSV file? Then don't worry, I created this utility for you to save your time and effort. No need to do anything, just provide the information as mentioned below, and it will generate the PL/SQL procedure for you in 2 minutes.

Provide four parameters here, Table Name, Column Names, Directory Object Name, and a value Y or N to Print Header Row or not. Then click on the submit button, and it will generate a procedure as sample shown in the featured image of this article. This utility will surely save your time for development ;-).

Generate PL/SQL Procedure to Export CSV File from an Oracle Table

Default values are given below for the example.

Table Name:

Column Names:
Directory Name:
Print Header Row?:

After clicking on the Submit button, check below for your procedure.

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