Upgrade to Oracle Application Express 18.1

To upgrade to Oracle Application Express 18.1, first Download Oracle Apex from the Oracle.com with the following link Oracle Application Express 18.1 and unzip the file.

Follow these steps to upgrade to Oracle Apex 18.1

  1. Install Script apexins.sql.

On your computer open the command prompt and change the current directory to Oracle Apex unzip directory as following:

cd f:\apex_18\apex\

Note: change f:\apex_18\apex with your unzip folder

Then login to sqlplus using the following command:

sqlplus sys/syspsw@orcl as sysdba

Note: change syspsw with your sys password

After login to sqlplus run the apexins.sql script as following:

@apexins.sql SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/
  1. Install Script apex_epg_config.sql.

After successful completion of the above script, you will be logged out from sqlplus, so run again the following commands to connect and install apex_epg_config.sql script. (don't forget to change f:\Software\apex_18\ to your unzip directory)

sqlplus sys/syspsw@orcl as sysdba 
@apex_epg_config.sql f:\Software\apex_18\
  1. Install Script apxchpwd.sql.

When above script installed then run the apxchpwd.sql script to change the Admin password:


Your upgrade to Oracle Application Express 18.1 is complete and now run Oracle Apex URL to invoke the application: (change hostname:port with your system hostname and port number)


Check the new features of Oracle Application Express 18.1 Click Here.

Upgrade to Oracle Application Express 18.1
Oracle Application Express 18.1

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