What is MySQL?

This guide will help you understand MySQL. In addition, I will explain why MySQL has become the most widely used open-source database in the world.

To learn MySQL, you must first be familiar with databases and SQL. If you are familiar with databases and SQL, you may skip ahead to "What is MySQL?"

A First Look at Databases

A database stores information in a structured format that allows for efficient retrieval and management.

Data can be arranged into tables, rows, and columns, and then indexed for quick retrieval.

Data managers build their databases so that everyone may access the information using the same tools.

To store, retrieve, and manage massive amounts of data is the primary function of a database.

There are numerous database-driven, dynamic websites available on the web nowadays. Like a hotel room availability checking model. It's an example of a database-driven, dynamic website.

MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, MongoDB, Informix, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc. are just some examples of the various databases out there.

What is SQL?

SQL is the abbreviation for Structured Query Language. SQL allows database access and manipulation.

In 1986, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) both adopted SQL as a standard.

Although SQL is an ANSI/ISO standard, several implementations of the SQL programming language exist.

To be consistent with the ANSI standard, however, they must all implement the major commands (such as SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, and WHERE) in a comparable manner.

What is MySQL?

Monty Widenius, one of the creators of MySQL, has a daughter whose name is "My."

MySQL is an acronym for "MySQL" because that's what it stands for.

Relational database administration is made possible by MySQL, a DBMS. This is Oracle-supported open-source software. That's right, there are no costs associated with using MySQL. Also, if you wish, you can update its source code to suit your demands.

Although MySQL is free to use, Oracle offers premium support services for businesses that purchase a commercial license.

When compared to other database management systems like Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL is very straightforward to learn.

MySQL is platform-independent, so it may be used with UNIX, Linux, Windows, etc. It is compatible with both server and desktop setups. In addition, MySQL is quick, scalable, and dependable.

The proper pronunciation of MySQL is My Ess Que Ell, not My Sequel. No one will ever know how you spoke it though, so don't worry about it.

MySQL is a great option if you're making a website or online application. The LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) would be incomplete without MySQL.

In this guide, you have learned what is MySQL database? And its brief history and why it is so much popular among other databases.