MySQL Tutorial

Hello and welcome to the MySQL Tutorial website! You will learn MySQL quickly, easily, and with enjoyment. This website offers a comprehensive MySQL tutorial that is presented in an easy-to-understand format. Each tutorial includes practical examples, SQL scripts, and screenshots.

Starting Over

Here, we'll give you an introduction to MySQL and walk you through MySQL's installation process. You will have a local MySQL database on your PC, complete with an example database, once you've finished the getting started step.

MySQL Tutorial Step by Step

  • What is MySQL? - In this guide, you will learn about what is MySQL database.

MySQL Workbench Tutorial

MySQL Data Manipulation Commands

  • SELECT - Learn how to use the SELECT statement in MySQL to fetch the data from a database table.
  • ORDER BY - Learn how to use ORDER BY clause with the SELECT statement to sort the result in MySQL.
  • WHERE - Learn how to use the WHERE clause in the SELECT statement to fetch the data conditionally in MySQL.