Temporary Save in Oracle Forms Using Post Command

Suppose you have a form with tabular block or in form layout and before performing a final commit you want to temporary save in Oracle Forms to perform some data manupulation in database and if everything ok then you want to finaly commit else you want to rollback it.

In this case you can use Post command in Oracle Forms to temporary save the data. But Oracle Forms also validate the data as per the validation rules you already defined before posting it to the database.

Many times we manualy populate the tabular data block with records and after that we commit. But suppose there is a requirement to provide custom filter to filter records then you must have that data which you manully populated into the table.

So if this type of requirement is there then you can use post command to save that tabular block data to its table and then you can requery the records by setting a default_where clause.

Syntax of post command is just:



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