Python - How to Read XML from URL?

In Python, you can use urllib.request and xml.etree.ElementTree library to parse and read XML from URL. The following is an example:

Python Program Example - Read XML from URL

Below Python program will download and read the Oracle Database RSS feed through the URL. It will open the URL (https://blogs.oracle.com/oraclepartners/database-7/rss) using the urlopen method of urllib.request library and then it will parse and read the XML data using parse method of library xml.etree.ElementTree.

from urllib.request import urlopen
from xml.etree.ElementTree import parse

var_url = urlopen('https://blogs.oracle.com/oraclepartners/database-7/rss')
xmldoc = parse(var_url)

for item in xmldoc.iterfind('channel/item'):
    title = item.findtext('title')
    date = item.findtext('pubDate')
    link = item.findtext('link')



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