Oracle Forms - Visual Attributes Example

What are Visual Attributes in Oracle Forms?

In Oracle Forms, a visual attribute defines a collection of font, colour, and pattern attributes that determine the appearance of the object. Suppose you want to set specific appearance for some objects in Oracle Forms, then you should create one visual attribute by defining that appearance and set the visual attribute for all those items for which you want that appearance to display.

Visual Attribute Example in Oracle Forms

  1. In object navigator, click on the visual attributes node and click create as shown below:

visual attributes example in oracle forms

  1. After giving any name to that visual attribute, press F4 to open property palette and set the following properties.

set property in visual attribute

  1. Now select any other object in Oracle Forms for which you want to set the appearance and set the visual attribute property to newly created visual attribute as shown below.

set an item with visual attribute

Now run the application and you will see that visual attribute setting is applied to those objects.

Oracle forms app

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