Oracle Convert() Function Example

In Oracle, convert() function converts the character string from the character set to a character set specified in parameters. If the source character set is not specified, it defaults to the character set of the database.


convert(string, destination_set, [source_set])

Common Character Sets include those listed below:

Character Set IdentifierDescription
US7ASCIIU.S. 7-bit ASCII. This is the character set used by most Unix operating systems and Oracle databases on Unix.
WE8DECDEC West European 8-bit.
WE8HPHP West European Laserjet 8-bit.
F7DECDEC French 7-bit.
WE8EBCDIC500IBM West European EBCDIC Code Page 500. This is a character set used by most PC systems and by Oracle running on PCs.
WE8ISO8859P1ISO-8859-1 West European 8-bit.

For complete conversion, the destination character set should contain a representation of all the characters in the source character set. If not, then a replacement character set is used in the destination. This replacement character is part of the character set definition itself.


Select convert('Groß', 'WE8HP', 'WE8DEC') "Conversion" from Dual;



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