Oracle Apex: Creating Tab Pages

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create tab pages in Oracle Apex.

Every tab page in Oracle Apex is a separate region and when you place items in a specific tab, it will display when that tab page will be selected. To create tab pages in Oracle Apex, follow these steps:

Create a Region For Tab Page in Oracle Apex

In Oracle Apex, open a page in page designer in which you want to create the tab pages.

Then do the right-click on the content body and select option Create Region from the shortcut menu.

Then set the Template for this region to Tabs Container as shown in the below image:

Creating Tab Region in Oracle Apex.

Now do the right-click on the Tab Pages region, we just created and select Create Sub-Region option from the shortcut menu.

Any sub-regions, you will create under the Tab Pages region, will be created as the Tab pages, because the Tag Pages region is set to Tabs Container template. Below is the screenshot:

Oracle Apex - Tab pages.

Save the changes and run the page. The output would be as shown in the below image:

Tab Pages Output in Oracle Apex.

Additionally, you can set the style of tab pages as follows:

Click on the Tab Pages region to select, then click on the Template options button in the Appearance section of the property palette. Then you can select some useful properties highlighted below:

Tab pages template options.

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