Oracle Apex - Refresh Report Region Using Dynamic Action

In this tutorial, you will learn how to refresh the report region using dynamic action in Oracle Apex.

Refresh Report Region Using Dynamic Action Example in Oracle Apex

Here I have two regions on my page; one is the search region, and the other is a report region based on the EMP table.

In the search region, I have the following items:

  1. P2_EMPNO (Text Item)
  2. B_SEARCH (Button)

In the report region, I have added the following where clause:

empno = nvl(:p2_empno, empno)

And then I set to Page Items to Submit to P2_EMPNO. Below is the screenshot of the above settings:

Oracle Apex Report Region

Then for the B_SEARCH button, go to the Behaviour section and set the Action to Defined by Dynamic Action.

Now create a Dynamic Action for the button B_SEARCH with the setting shown in the below images:

Oracle Apex Dynamic Action Setting for Button.

Dynamic Action setting for a button.

Save the changes and run. You will have the output, as shown below:

Oracle Apex Refresh Report using dynamic action demo.

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