Oracle Apex Basics Quiz (MCQs) Part-1

Here is the quiz for Oracle Apex beginners to answer 15 basic questions (MCQs) about Oracle Apex.

This test can be used for self-assessment or interview purposes.

#1. From which database view you can know the Oracle Apex version installed?

#2. What is the name of main Oracle Apex installation SQL script?

#3. What is the name of the DB procedure used to set the HTTP port in Oracle Apex?

#4. Data Workshop Feature Introduced in which Oracle Apex version?

#5. To set an Item label to left side which Template setting is used?

#6. In Master-Detail form, to link Detail to the Master what you need to specify?

#7. Which one of the following will give Hello World! message in alert box?

#8. Which one is the correct PL/SQL expression to check salary item is greater than 1000?

#9. Which one of the following is not correct JavaScript command to set an item value?

#10. Which one of the following is Invalid Page type in Oracle Apex?

#11. In which source property of Static Content Region, you can add the custom HTML?

#12. For a Region, you can span a maximum of how many columns?

#13. For Pre-Rendering, you can not create a process for which one of the following?

#14. Can you submit a page through a dynamic action?

#15. Which one of the following is not a valid source type for a report?




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