Oracle Apex Page Mode Property.

Oracle Apex Property: Page Mode

In Oracle Apex, the property page mode is used to define the mode of the page. That could be Normal, Modal Dialog, and Non-Modal Dialog. Below are the more details:

Page Mode: Normal

The page appears to be a standard Oracle APEX application page. For example, Home pages, report pages, etc we mostly set the page mode of these types of pages as Normal. The following are a few examples of the Normal Pages in Oracle Apex:

Page Mode: Modal Dialog

Modal Dialog is an overlay window where the user can interact with the window but can not access the parent page before closing it. So the user has to close the modal dialog first to interact with the other page options. The following are some examples of the Modal Dialog in Oracle Apex:

Page Mode: Non-Modal Dialog

The Non-Modal Dialog is an overlay window but the user can access the parent page components while working on the dialog. I rarely used this page mode because if I want that the user must finish his/her work on that dialog and then only he/she can work on another page so I mostly use the Modal Dialog page mode for the dialog type pages.

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