Oracle Apex: Display Confirm Dialogs Using JavaScript

Use apex.message.confirm() JavaScript method to display confirm dialogs in Oracle Apex.

We use to display confirmation dialogs to ask for confirmation from the user to perform a particular action. For example, when the user clicks on the Delete button or checks/unchecks a checkbox, etc. The following is the syntax of apex.message.confirm() method.


apex.message.confirm( "Are you sure?", function( okPressed ) { 
if( okPressed ) {
   // do somethig if ok button pressed

Display Confirm Dialog Using JavaScript Example

Suppose you want to set an item value if OK button pressed on confirm dialog. You can create a dynamic action on a button or an item to execute the JavaScript code when the button clicked or on the change event of an item. Add the following JavaScript code:

apex.message.confirm( "Are you sure to do this?", function( okPressed ) { 
if( okPressed ) {
   // change the item above with your page item

Also, set the affected item as the P1_YOURITEM in the dynamic action you created to execute the above JavaScript code. Below is the screenshot for your reference:

Ask for confirmation using JavaScript dialog.

To perform more tasks on OK button pressed, you can create a dynamic action on the item P1_YOURITEM to execute PL/SQL code, show/hide elements, etc on the change event.

To perform an action, if the Cancel button clicked on the confirmation dialog, add an else statement. Below is an example:

apex.message.confirm( "Are you sure to reject this work order?", function( okPressed ) { 
if( okPressed ) {
} else {
   // this code will execute if cancel button pressed


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