Oracle Apex: Creating Automated Backups

Oracle Apex 20.1 introduced new feature Automated Backups, and these backups are performed as part of daily maintenance. The only applications that have been modified will be backed up. To create an Automated Backup in Oracle Apex, follow these steps:

Creating Automated Backups in Oracle Apex 20.1

Open your Oracle Apex application, then click on the Utilities > Manage Backups.

Then click on the Create button to create an Automatic Backup for your current application. The following dialog will appear:

Oracle Apex - Creating automated backups.

Specify the comment for your automatic application backup and then click on the Backup button.

It will create the initial backup of your Oracle Apex application, and if you make any changes in your application for the day, then it will create the backup end of the day. This routine will run every day to create automated backups for your Oracle Apex application. Below is the screenshot:

Oracle Apex automatic backups log.


Only the 25 most recent application backups are retained. Older backups will be deleted to make room for new ones.

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