Oracle Apex - After Login Redirect the User to a Specific Page

This Oracle Apex tutorial will show you how you can redirect the user to a specific page conditionally after log-in.

Suppose you need to redirect the user to the Change Password page after their first login. You can use the following approach.

Oracle Apex - After Login Redirect the User to a Specific Page Example

In Oracle Apex, by default, the user is redirected to the homepage after login. So it is a good idea to create a Before Header Branch on the homepage and specify a server-side condition to check whether the password has been changed or not after the first login and if not changed, then redirect to the Change Password page.

You can have a field in your user master table or any config table as shown below:

alter table yourUserConfigTable 
    add password_changed varchar2(1) default 'N';

Now you have a field password_changed with default value 'N' meaning the password has not been changed after the first login. You can set it Y/N according to your need.

Now open your homepage (page no. 1) and click on the Pre-Rendering node to expand and under the Before Header node create a Branch. As shown in the below image:

Creating Branch to redirect the user in Oracle Apex.

Then set the following properties for the Branch:

  • Name: goto_ch_psw_page
  • Type: Page or URL (Redirect)
  • Target: Page No. to redirect (your change password page)
  • Server-side condition > Type: Rows Returned
  • Add the following SQL query to the SQL query field:
select 1 from YourUserConfigTable 
   where password_changed = 'N' 
   and username = :app_user

The above branch will only redirect the user if the password_changed flag is 'N'. After a successful change password, you should update the change_password flag to 'Y' in your change password page.

To learn how to create a Change Password page, check the following tutorial:

After updating the password_changed flag to 'Y', the user will be landed on the homepage on their next login.

Similarly, you can create multiple redirects based on multiple server-side conditions. In this case, the different users could be redirected to specific pages.

The above redirect logic will work with any authentication scheme.

3 thoughts on “Oracle Apex - After Login Redirect the User to a Specific Page”

  1. How does one redirect a user to the originally requested page after log in. Suppose user had a fav link to page X which requires authentication. APEX forces the user to log in and then redirects to home page.

    • In this case, select the branch type as Function Returning URL (Redirect) and write a code in PL/SQL to return the URL.

    • I am experiencing more difficult situation where the user's fav link has page variables etc. All that is lost during the process of authentication. We need a mechanism by which Oracle will remember the "contents" of the original request and then redirect to that page with updated session information. It is more like a deep link to say a specific order/customer detail.

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