Microsoft Surface Mouse Connected But Not Working?

I have Windows 10 in my laptop, and I am using Microsoft Surface Bluetooth mouse from quite a long time. But once a month, it suddenly stops working. Then I have to struggle to unpair it and then pair it again, and it is showing connected but still not working.

After struggling a lot with this problem, I found that after uninstalling all the drivers related to Bluetooth including Surface mouse driver and then reinstalling again is solving the problem. So, you can also try to do that perhaps it can work for you too.

Follow These Steps to Re-Install Bluetooth Driver and Re-Connect the Surface Mouse

  1. On your computer, open Settings.
  2. Click on Devices and right side under related settings, click on the Device Manager link.
  3. Then expand the Bluetooth node and uninstall all the drivers as shown in below image.

microsoft bluetooth surface mouse uninstall

  1. After uninstalling the Bluetooth drivers, refresh the Device Manager window, by clicking on the Scan For Hardware Changes button.
  2. Then it will automatically re-installs the driver, or if it will ask you to specify the driver location then locate it on your system or download it from the internet.
  3. Now close the Device Manager window and return to the Settings window.
  4. Then under Bluetooth devices, click on Microsft Surface mouse, which is already paired and then click on Remove Device button to unpair it.
  5. Then power off your mouse and then press and hold your mouse power button for 5 to 6 seconds to turn on pairing mode. Then click on the + button in Settings window to add Bluetooth device.
  6. Find Microsoft Surface Mouse in the list and click on it to pair.

Now it should get paired and work properly.

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