Why is CSS used for?

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about CSS, such as What is CSS? And why is CSS used for? Etc.

1. What is CSS?

CSS stands for 'Cascading Style Sheets'. This is a style sheet language that helps us to define the styles in HTML elements.

Through this language, we can control the layout of multiple web pages at the same time. We can change the entire look of a web site by changing just one file in CSS.

Actually, it defines how the HTML element is displayed on the screen, paper, etc.

2. Why is CSS used for?

CSS helps us to define different styles for web pages, which include website design, layout, and also responsive website design, which gives the variations in a display of web pages in different devices such as Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, etc. And in various screen sizes.

CSS plays an essential role in front-end web development.

3. How many ways to write CSS?

There are three ways of writing CSS in a file. These are:

  1. Internal CSS
  2. Inline CSS
  3. External CSS

4. How many types of CSS selectors?

CSS selectors are divided into 5 categories. These are given below:

  1. Simple selector
  2. Combinator selector
  3. Pseudo-class selector
  4. Pseudo-elements selector
  5. Attribute selector

Reference: CSS Basics

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