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HTML Template Example

To help you out, I am going to jump the gun here just a bit and give you a very short HTML template example that you can use on all your web pages. You should memorize this. It has the key elements that you will need. We will discuss them below.

An HTML Template Example

<!DOCTYPE html><head lang=en><meta charset=utf-8>

<title>Your Title Goes Here</title>

<style>Your CSS Goes Here</style>



Your Marked-Up Content Goes here


As web designers, if we want our content to be displayed in a particular way, we need to convince the browser that we know what we are doing. Do not break any important rules of the HTML language. Then the browser will trust us. But if we do break rules, the browser will do what it thinks we want instead of what we actually requested. And different browsers may think differently.

We want search engines to trust us, too. We should provide web content that follows the official rules of the HTML language. That way we increase our chances that all browsers will display our content in the same way, the way that we want and intend. To do this, we must properly introduce our webpage, and provide it with a designated head and body.

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