How to List All Attributes of a Python Object?

In Python, use dir() method to list all the attributes and methods of a Python Object. The below are some examples.

List All The Attributes and Methods of a Python Object (Module)

Import the object module first in your Python program and then use print() method with dir() method as shown below. The following example will print the list of all attributes and methods of CSV object in Python.

import csv


['Dialect', 'DictReader', 'DictWriter', 'Error', 'OrderedDict', 'QUOTE_ALL', 'QUOTE_MINIMAL', 'QUOTE_NONE', 'QUOTE_NONNUMERIC', 
 'Sniffer', 'StringIO', '_Dialect', '__all__', '__builtins__', '__cached__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__loader__', '__name__', 
 '__package__', '__spec__', '__version__', 'excel', 'excel_tab', 'field_size_limit', 'get_dialect', 'list_dialects', 're', 
 'reader', 'register_dialect', 'unix_dialect', 'unregister_dialect', 'writer']

Example for OS module in Python

The below example will list all the attributes and methods of OS object (module) in Python

import os


['DirEntry', 'F_OK', 'MutableMapping', 'O_APPEND', 'O_BINARY', 'O_CREAT', 'O_EXCL', 'O_NOINHERIT', 'O_RANDOM', 
 'W_OK', 'X_OK', '_Environ', '__all__', '__builtins__', '__cached__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__loader__', '__name__',
 '__package__', '__spec__', '_execvpe', '_exists', '_exit', '_fspath', '_get_exports_list', '_putenv', '_unsetenv', '_wrap_close', 
 'abc', 'abort', 'access', 'altsep', 'chdir', 'chmod', 'close', 'closerange', 'cpu_count', 'curdir', 'defpath', 'device_encoding', 'devnull',
 'dup', 'dup2', 'environ', 'error', 'execl', 'execle', 'execlp', 'execlpe', 'execv', 'execve', 'execvp', 'execvpe', 'extsep', 'fdopen', 'fsdecode', 
 'fsencode', 'fspath', 'fstat', 'fsync', 'ftruncate', 'get_exec_path', 'get_handle_inheritable', 'get_inheritable', 'get_terminal_size', 'getcwd', 
 'getcwdb', 'getenv', 'getlogin', 'getpid', 'getppid', 'isatty', 'kill', 'linesep', 'link', 'listdir', 'lseek', 'lstat', 'makedirs', 'mkdir', 'name', 
 'open', 'pardir', 'path', 'pathsep', 'pipe', 'popen', 'putenv', 'read', 'readlink', 'remove', 'removedirs', 'rename', 'renames', 'replace', 'rmdir', 'scandir',
 'sep', 'set_handle_inheritable', 'set_inheritable', 'spawnl', 'spawnle', 'spawnv', 'spawnve', 'st', 'startfile', 'stat', 'stat_result', 'statvfs_result', 'strerror', 
 'supports_bytes_environ', 'supports_dir_fd', 'supports_effective_ids', 'supports_fd', 'supports_follow_symlinks', 'symlink', 'sys', 'system', 'terminal_size', 'times', 
 'times_result', 'truncate', 'umask', 'uname_result', 'unlink', 'urandom', 'utime', 'waitpid', 'walk', 'write']

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