How To Install Oracle Forms 12c On Windows 7

Below is the step by step guide to install Oracle Forms 12c on Windows 7. To install Oracle Forms 12c, first download Oracle Forms & Reports Services 12c from the Oracle.Com with the following link:

If you have installed Weblogic Server 12c then fine else download and install Weblogic Server 12c also and you will have two zip files as following:

After installing the Weblogic Server 12c, double click the "setup_fmw_12." file to start the installation.

1. Welcome screen will appear then click next to continue.

Oracle Forms 12c Installation Step 1

2. Auto Update screen will appear, you can choose skip Auto Update option then click to continue.

Oracle Forms 12c Installation

3. Installation location page will appear then specify the installation directory and then click next to continue.

Oracle Forms 12c Installation

4. Installation type screen will appear and there is an option to install Oracle Forms Builder Standalone and Oracle Forms & Reports deployment, choose Oracle Forms & Reports deployment and then click next to continue.

Oracle Forms 12c Installation

5. Next screen will check the system requirement and if everything is OK, then click next to continue.

6. It will show you the installation summary and then click next to continue.

7. Finally Installation successful screen will appear and on this screen you will see a check box to Run Oracle Forms Configuration wizard after installation then check the check box and click Finish to exit the installation and then Form's configuration wizard will run.

Oracle Forms 12c Installation

In the Form's configuration wizard, you will be prompted to specify Oracle Form's Instance directory location, so just create a new directory and specify that directory for Form's instance and when the Configuration wizard will complete you can find Tnsnames.Ora and other properties files in this directory.

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7 thoughts on “How To Install Oracle Forms 12c On Windows 7”

  1. Hi
    Thanks for the post
    Installing is not an issue but what's the issue is opening forms and reports to develop a system
    so have you though to open form builder and also report builder???
    here is the problem comes as I can see that new release is not fully completed as a tool

  2. Hello Vinish.

    Many thanks for this information.
    I found three different types of Weblogic Server - generic, slim and quick. My question is which of them is actually required for deploying forms and reports 12c?


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