How to Insert HTML Table in WordPress Without Plugin?

In this tutorial, I am giving an example to insert an HTML table in WordPress without plugin using MS Word. You can create fancy tables in MS Word fill the data and then transfer it to WordPress without a plugin. Follow the below steps.

Steps to Insert HTML Table from MS Word to WordPress Without Plugin

  1. In MS Word, open a new document.
  2. Click on the Insert tab and then click on the Insert table and define the columns and rows.
  3. Input the data in table and format the table as per your requirement.
  4. When you are done with formatting and inserting data, save the document as HTML file.
  5. Then open My Computer and open the location of that HTML file you saved it in the MS Word.
  6. Open the HTML file in a Text editor like notepad++. Then select the text from <table> element till </table> and copy the text. As shown in below image

insert html table in WordPress without plugin using MS Word

  1. Then paste the copied text in WordPress post or page editor in Text mode. Then click back to the Visual tab in the editor, and you will be able to see the table in WordPress editor. Below is an example of the table created in MS Word.


Employee Name




9 am to 5 pm



8 am to 4 pm



4 pm to 9 pm

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