How To Find Query Execution Time in Oracle SQL Developer?

You have executed a query in Oracle SQL Developer, and now you want to view the execution time for that SQL query. Below is a tip to how to find query execution time in Oracle SQL Developer.

Find Query Execution Time in Oracle SQL Developer

Before running the query in Oracle SQL Developer, open the SQL History panel window by one of the following ways:

  1. Click on the menu View > SQL History.
  2. Press F8 Key.

Now run your SQL query, and you will be able to find the query execution time in Duration column of SQL history window in Oracle SQL Developer, as shown in below image. By default, SQL History shows the result in descending order, but if not you can view the result in descending order by clicking on the Timestamp column header.

SQL History window view

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Written by Vinish Kapoor

An Oracle Apex Consultant, Oracle ACE, and founder of and a question and answer forum for developers.


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