How To Export CSV From Toad?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to export the table data into a CSV file from Toad. The following are the steps.

Export Database Table Data into CSV File Using Toad

I am using the database Oracle, and the table is customers from SH schema, to explain this example.

  1. Open Toad and connect to the database.
  2. Then click on the menu Database > Editor, to open the SQL editor window.
  3. In SQL editor window, type your SQL query and press Ctrl+Enter to execute and get the results in a grid. Below is an example of an SQL query.
SELECT cust_first_name,
  FROM sh.customers
 WHERE country_id = '52775' AND cust_valid = 'A';
  1. Then right-click on the Grid in Toad and from the shortcut menu select Export Dataset option.
  2. In the Export Data window, select the options as shown in below image to export the data into CSV file from Toad. Select the option Delimited Text from the Export Format drop-down. Specify the file location and name in File field. Specify the delimiter and click OK to export.

Export data into CSV file from Toad

Check your file location for the generated CSV file.

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