How to Edit Data in Toad?

In Toad, use EDIT command to edit the data in Data Grid window. The syntax of the command is same for Toad for Oracle, SQL, etc. Here are the Syntax and Examples of EDIT command:


EDIT <table name> <where clause> <order by clause>

EDIT Command Examples To Edit Data in Toad

  1. In Toad, click on the menu Database > SQL Editor to open the SQL Editor window.
  2. In SQL Editor, type the EDIT command followed by the table name and hit Ctrl+Enter to edit the data in Datagrid window. For example:
EDIT customers

The Datagrid window will open below in edit mode in which you can update the data. If the table is too large and you want to modify the data by specifying the WHERE clause with EDIT command, the below is an example:

EDIT customers WHERE cust_valid = 'A' AND country_id = 52770;

You can also use ORDER BY clause with EDIT command, for example:

EDIT customers WHERE cust_valid = 'I' AND country_id = 89770 ORDER BY cust_id;

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