How to Display Message in Oracle Forms?

In Oracle Forms, there are two ways to display a message. One is using MESSAGE() built-in and the second one is by using ALERTS in Oracle Forms. In this tutorial, you will learn how to display a message in Oracle Forms using MESSAGE and ALERTS.

Display Message in Oracle Forms Examples

1. Using Message command.




The MESSAGE built-in is used to display a message at status bar in Oracle Forms. The following example will show the message at the Status bar in Oracle Forms.

    Message('Hello World!');

2. Using Show_Alert command for Window messages.


N := Show_Alert(alert_name);


ALERTS are used to display a message as a modal window in Oracle Forms. The following example will show the message you created for alert infoalert.

n number;
n := show_alert('infoalert');

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2 thoughts on “How to Display Message in Oracle Forms?”

  1. Since Oracle Forms is a little bit old and definitely out of date due to the recent technologies. Can you tell me if there is big companies whom are still using this technology of Oracle.
    If you do, please name them if you don't mind.

    Best regards.

    • Yes Oracle Forms is little bit old but still there are many large size companies using it and some of them even are not thinking to migrate their applications to other latest technologies as soon as Oracle Forms is working and supported by Oracle.

      I have worked on many domains mostly in Asia, and found the biggest brands which are using Oracle Forms in retail, banking, hospitality and medical sectors.

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