How to Call BI Publisher Report from Oracle Apex?

You have created a report using shared component's report query and report layout options and now you want to call that report. Here in this tutorial, you will learn how to call a BI publisher report from Oracle Apex using a button. Follow these steps:

Call a BI Publisher Report from Oracle Apex Example

  1. In Oracle Apex, click on the Shared Components > Report Queries as shown in the below image:

Oracle Apex - Report Queries

  1. Now the list of the Report Queries will be displayed. Select the report query you want to call from Oracle Apex page using a button. Then set the Output Format as PDF and View File as Inline and copy the report URL as shown in the below image:

Copy BI Report URL - Oracle Apex

  1. Save the changes and open the page in which you want to add a button to call the report in Oracle Apex page designer.
  2. The create a button on that page and set the following properties shown in the below image:

Oracle Apex - Create button for BI report URL.

Now save the changes for the page and run. Then click the button to test your BI Report.

BI Report Print Button Example Oracle Apex.

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Written by Vinish Kapoor

An Oracle Apex Consultant, Oracle ACE, and founder of and a question and answer forum for developers.


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