Give an Option to User to Select a Directory to Process in Linux

Suppose you want to create a shell script to process a directory, for example, to change the permissions of all files and subdirectories and for this purpose, you want to give a select option for directory so that the user can select a directory from the menu and that directory will get processed. To do this, below I am demonstrating an example to give an option to the user to select a directory to process in Linux.

Linux - Select a Directory to Process Example

The following program will list out all the directories of the root and will assign a number, the user can select a directory by entering a number. The menu will be displayed as shown in the featured image of this article.

dirlist="Finished $(for i in /*;do [ -d "$i" ] && echo $i; done)"

PS3='Directory to process? ' # Set a useful select prompt
until [ "$directory" == "Finished" ]; do

    printf "%b" "\a\n\nSelect a directory to process:\n" >&2
    select directory in $dirlist; do

        if [ "$directory" == "Finished" ]; then
            echo "Finished processing directories."
        elif [ -n "$directory" ]; then
            echo "You chose number $REPLY, processing $directory..."
            # Do something here
            echo "Invalid selection!"



Select a directory to process:
1) Finished	  7) /home	  13) /proc	   19) /sys
2) /bin		  8) /lib	  14) /root	   20) /tmp
3) /boot	  9) /lost+found  15) /run	   21) /usr
4) /cdrom	 10) /media	  16) /sbin	   22) /var
5) /dev		 11) /mnt	  17) /snap
6) /etc		 12) /opt	  18) /srv
Directory to process?

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