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Five Real-Life Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. Most of our daily live tasks are based on AI. This digital world has made us imperative to utilize AI in our day-to-day tasks. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have come across so many applications of AI. But why?! Why has AI emerged in our lives? Let's know five real-life examples of artificial intelligence in this article. I am here to give you a brief understanding of why and how AI is involved in our lives so much, along with real-life examples.

Before knowing "why," you must know "what" exactly it is first. So, What is AI?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that helps you perform efficiently by using your own data and understanding its patterns. In simple words, It is a machine with all the powers of understanding and analyzing the data. AI is no magic. It just uses the data in order to make our daily life tasks easy and simple in a more predictable way.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

AI has become remarkable in almost every space, from getting online recommendations to advanced medical research solutions. Artificial Intelligence is literally everywhere. Although, It is not an exaggeration because it is true. According to Tractica, the usage of AI-based software is going to increase tremendously in the coming years. And, the revenue will increase from 9.5 billion U.S dollars in 2018 to 118.6 billion U.S dollars by 2025. The main reason for AI usage everywhere is its ability to enhance our tasks more efficiently at a very low cost. It adds value to a process by analyzing its previous data. Suppose we create an algorithm for AI and provide data to it. Then, it will understand the patterns in that given data and analyze that data properly. And also predicts possible solutions according to our interests. Now, Let's see the top 5 real-life examples of Artificial Intelligence.

5 Real-Life Examples of Artificial Intelligence

1. Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the key applications where we use Artificial Intelligence unknowingly. These days almost any website or app has chatbots. Whenever you go to a website, a popup message that asks whether you have any queries that are AI Chatbot. These are used to improve customer interaction and solve their issues. These chatbots work on the basis of AI technology which is understanding and analyzing the data. For example, If we are creating a chatbot, then we need to give it a certain data, so whenever a customer or user asks a question, then it will reply accordingly. Chatbots also use sentimental analysis to determine the tone of the customer conversation.

Moreover, this can determine or filter the customer issues. If an issue can be solved with a simple answer, then AI can work with that. But a customer needs to talk with the support executive, then it will filter that and send the details to them. By doing so, the workload of the employees reduces. Also, they will work on the only leads that need attention. Hence, AI can save both effort and time.

2. Online Recommendation

Did you ever observe that whenever you shop for something the next day, you will get all the recommendations accordingly? This happens with online music and movie platforms also. So, you see what is happening here. For example, you have searched for apple products and bought an iPhone. Then AI understands that you are interested in apple products, so it starts showing recommendations to it. This is how AI works. It understands your interests in your data and aligns the products that we might be interested in.

Recently, Zomato has been using AI most widely for online recommendations and messages. It understands the customer's location and time that they usually order food. And then, it sends a reminder message that enthuses them to order at the same time they usually order in their own local language. In this way, they can attract users to order food. We see recommendations everywhere. Once we open a website and show our interest, then whatever site we open, AI reminds our interest. This is also a live example of AI that has become so much popular.

Moving on, let's see some more real-life examples of AI.

3. Maps and Navigation

We should agree that these maps and navigation have made our lives easy. We can't even imagine a life without it. What if, google maps aren't a thing? Will we be able to go to an unknown place so easily? Only satellite-based GPS was accessible not long ago, but artificial intelligence has now been combined to provide consumers with a far better experience. Now, we have access to check the better roads available to our destination. The whole point of using AI is to make our lives more comfortable. That is why it is introduced in navigations so that people can have a better experience in their travel journey. This you can see while booking cabs or going on vacations. AI navigations also show us the best traffic-less routes to make our journey comfortable.

Tablet showing Google Map an example of real-life artificial intelligence.


Moreover, AI analyzes hundreds of millions of Google Streetview photographs to assist in identifying a person's position and the precise height and positioning of an object in places like an airport or transportation station. By using this, we can see how exactly that place looks without going there. AI has improved the navigation and online maps system so much. Before, we just used to see where a location is. But now, we can predict the distance, time according to the transport we are using. we are understanding the better routes to reach there and also not to mention we are seeing the place with different views. All this couldn't have happened without AI.

4. Facial and Voice Recognition

Do you have a smartphone? What type of security lock are you using? Does your phone has facial recognition? Are you using it daily?! Well, then you are using AI technology every single time you unlock your phone. Here, when you set facial recognition to your phone initially, you give an image to AI. so that whenever some tries to log in, it compares that image to the image that is in its database. In this way, it identifies whether it is you or not. This facial recognition is used in surveillance or in crime scenes also.

It is the same with voice recognition. We daily use google assistance or any other voice search options to find what we are looking for easily. This google assistance use AI to understand what we are asking and gives us possible solutions. Voice commands are also being used in smart homes. Here we already give it a command and its action. we provide AI the algorithm of reacting the way we say. So, when we command it as a "fan off," then automatically, it offs. Isn't it amazing?! Moreover, voice recognition helps in converting voice to text format. Have you checked your google keypad where you can actually give voice commands which convert into a text format?! Using this, we can skip typing. Hence, AI is more useful in facial and voice recognition.

5. Autocorrect

We might have seen that whenever we type something wrong, it will automatically correct itself. This is because we have given a set of algorithms to the AI so that it corrects you. AI algorithms utilize Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural language to detect if you have any mistakes in your text. Machine learning is mainly used in spelling corrections, and the more data you have for your algorithm to train from, the better it will be able to accomplish its duty. Using the data we have provided to the algorithm, react and make the word or sentence correct. This is one of the real world and the daily use example of Artificial Intelligence. By using it, we are able to send the message properly.

Bottom Line

Here, We have seen some basic and live examples that we come across each day. This is to just provide a glimpse of how effective Artificial Intelligence is in our lives. Most of our daily tasks would have been incomplete if AI had not been introduced. All our comforts, from search recommendations of news feed, music, movies, shopping products to using voice and face recognition, uses of AI is unlimited. However, this is not it. AI is not just for our basic needs. In assisting medical research in solving many real-world problems, AI has always been there with us. And it will continue to serve the world. More latest technologies are yet to come to impart from AI.

Just because of AI, people understood the usage of data. Before, it was just unnecessary information, but now, with that data and AI technology, they are creating wonders. Many regular human activities will undoubtedly be taken over by AI to the next level. It will excel in each and every industry in the upcoming years. In short, AI will rule the world.

I hope you have acknowledged the real-life examples of Artificial Intelligence with this blog.