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Download Free Oracle Archive Log Transport Utility

Yes... Now you can free download and run this vb.net based utility to backup Oracle Archive Logs. I developed this utility in 2011. This utility is developed to copy archive logs automatically from its default location to another location whether it is on FTP or locally. 
The functionality of this software is to copy automatically an archive log to location you specified in settings and this automatic process occurs whenever a new archive log creation starts then previous archive log get freed and then it copies that freed archive log to the destination you specified and maintains the log for successful or unsuccessful transfer. The unsuccessful transfers can be manually transfer from this utility.
It is very useful utility to backup archive logs for standby database purposes or any others purposes. Oracle Database must be in Archive Log mode to run this utility. 
I am providing below the step by step configuration with screen shots, have a look:
1.   First download the self extractor from this link Click Here
2.   Extract the files to any folder and run the Setup.exe.
3.   It will run the executable automatically or run from the menu, the following screen will appear.
4.   Then click the left most that yellow gear icon button for settings and specify the settings.
5.  Specify file transfer settings.
6.   Specify the database settings.
7.   Now it is done, after specifying all settings the program will run at the specified interval and manage the archive logs.
Note: The application must be run always for successful transportation of archive logs, you can run in background by setting Minimize to Tray icon in status bar.