Create Parameter List Example in Oracle Forms

In Oracle Forms, the parameter list is used to pass parameters between forms and reports. You can create parameter list using create_parameter_list command in Oracle Forms.

Create_Parameter_List Example

p_id paramlist;


p_id := Get_Parameter_List('p_list');

IF NOT Id_Null(p_id) THEN

p_id := CREATE_PARAMETER_LIST ('p_list');

ADD_PARAMETER (p_id, 'P_EMPNO', text_parameter, EMP.empno);
ADD_PARAMETER (p_id, 'P_SALARY', text_parameter, EMP.sal);

OPEN_FORM ('emp_tran', activate, no_session, p_id);


The above example will call the emp_tran form by passing empno and sal column values from EMP block. Assuming that parameters P_EMPNO and P_SALARY exists in the emp_tran form.

Note: Parameters used in ADD_PARAMETER command should exist in the calling form or in the report.

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