Computer Power Light is on, But You Hear Two or More Beeps with no Video

Learn how to resolve the symptom when the computer power light is on, but you hear two or more beeps with no video.

Symptom: Computer Power Light is on, Beeps Two or More Times, No Video and Won't Initialize

Check the video board first. Video problems can easily halt the initialization process. Turn off and unplug the PC, then be sure that your video board entirely inserted into its expansion slot.

Consider the beep code itself; a catastrophic fault has been detected in power on self-test (POST) before the video system could be initialized.

BIOS makers use different numbers and patterns of beeps to indicate failures. You can determine the exact failure by finding the BIOS maker, then finding the error message.

In the vast majority of cases, the fault will be traced to the CPU, RAM, motherboard circuitry, video controller, or drive controller.

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