CMOS Setup Problem - Computer Message

Learn how to resolve the issue when you see CMOS setup problem computer message.

Follow these steps to check the message indicating the CMOS setup problem:

The system parameters entered into CMOS RAM do not match the hardware configuration found during the POST. Enter your setup routine.

If you are working on an older system, you will probably need to boot the PC from a setup disk.

Review each entry in the CMOS setup; especially things like drive parameters and installed memory and be sure that the CMOS entries accurately reflect the actual hardware installed on your system.

If not, correct the error(s), save your changes, and reboot the computer system. Finally, test the CMOS battery. See if CMOS RAM will hold its contents by turning off the PC, waiting several minutes, then restarting the PC.

If setup problems persist, and you find that the values you entered have been lost, change the CMOS backup battery.

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