How to Use Checkbox Group Item in Oracle Apex?

In Oracle Apex, you can use a checkbox group item to display multiple value checkboxes. The advantage of using a checkbox group is that you can get all the checkbox values in a single string, each value separated by a colon.

To create the checkbox group item in Oracle Apex follow these steps:

Creating Checkbox Group Item in Oracle Apex

  1. On your page region, right-click, then choose Create Page Item option.
  2. In the property palette, from the items drop-down, select the checkbox group item.
  3. Then from the List Values property, select the source type. You can specify static to specify the fixed values.

Now you can save the changes and run the page to test. The checkbox group item will display multiple checkboxes with the values you specified for the static items.

Getting the Checkbox Group Selected Values

To get the selected checkboxes values, you can use the following SQL query:

select column_value chkbox_value from table(apex_string.split(:P1_YOURCKBOX,':'));

Using the above SQL query, you will get all the values in separate rows.

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