Check if Variable is Array in Julia

To check if a variable is an array in Julia, you can use the isa function. This function returns true if the variable is an array, and false otherwise. Here are some examples:

Check if Variable is Array in Julia Example

# Define some variables
x = [1, 2, 3]
y = "hello"
z = (1, 2, 3)

# Check if the variables are arrays
println(isa(x, Array)) # Output: true
println(isa(y, Array)) # Output: false
println(isa(z, Array)) # Output: false

In this example, we define three variables: x, y, and z. x is an array of integers, y is a string, and z is a tuple. Then, we use the isa function to check if each variable is an array. Since x is an array, isa(x, Array) returns true. However, since y and z are not arrays, isa(y, Array) and isa(z, Array) both return false.

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