Causes and Solutions of Corrosion from the CMOS Battery on the Motherboard

In this article, you'll learn the causes and solutions of corrosion from the CMOS battery on the motherboard.

Corrosion from CMOS battery frequently occurs with older motherboards that have been stored for a prolonged period.

The battery has raptured and leaked onto the battery holder or onto the motherboard itself. Batteries are very caustic to metals, and the chances are that any traces or solder connections that have come in contact with battery leakage have been ruined.

Unfortunately, this also means that the motherboard has been ruined and must be replaced.


If you are planning to remove and store a motherbaord for any period of time, take a print screen of all CMOS setup pages before removing the motherboard, then store the old motherboard with the battery removed.

You might placed the battery in a small, heavy-gauge plastic bag at the bottom of the motherboard's anti-static box. When resurrecting the motherboard later, you can replace the battery and restore the CMOS settings from your printed record.

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