An Example of Pre-Query and Post-Query Triggers in Oracle Forms With Using Display_Item to Highlight Dynamically

Example is given for Pre-Query and Post-Query triggers in Oracle Forms, with using Display_Item built-in in Post-Query triggers to highlight fields dynamically. This is the screen shot below for this example: You can also download this form from the following link: Query.fmb The example is based on HR schema departments table. In this example Department No. ... Read more

An Example Of Validating Text Item In Oracle Forms Using When-Validate-Item Trigger

Example is given below to validate a Text Item in Oracle Forms with specific rules condition which can be define at run time with the use of T-List item and When-Validate-Item trigger. Below is the screen shot of this example form which can be download free from Google Drive with the following link: Validate.fmb The following ... Read more

Checking For User Permissions Before Updating or Inserting The Records in Oracle Forms

Suppose you want to check the user permissions on inserting or updating the records in Oracle Forms, then you can use Pre-Insert and Pre-Update triggers for that particular data block to check whether user is having proper permission or not. The example is given for HR schema and the following demo table is created for ... Read more

Trigger Execution Sequence Of Oracle Forms

Sequence of triggers fires on Commit. 1.  KEY Commit 2.  Pre Commit 3.  Pre/On/Post Delete 4.  Pre/On/Post Update 5.  Pre/On/Post Insert 6.  On commit 7.  Post Database Commit Sequence of triggers fires when Form is opened and closed. On Open 1.  Pre-Logon 2.  On-Logon 3.  Post-Logon 4.  Pre-Form 5.  When-Create-Record 6.  Pre-Block 7.  Pre-Record 8. ... Read more

Why And When To Use Pre-Update and Pre-Insert Triggers In Oracle Forms

Whenever we commit after entering data in Oracle Forms, many triggers fires during this event and also Pre-Update and Pre-Insert triggers fires just before inserting or updating the record into table. We can write Pre-Update and Pre-Insert triggers on particular block to just allow the process or to stop the process by using "Raise Form_Trigger_Failure" ... Read more