Compress Image Before Upload using PHP

compress image in PHP.

A web page with a large image will take longer to load. In order to avoid slowing down the page load time, large images must be optimized to reduce their file size. Compressing an image is an effective method for decreasing its file size. When users upload photos to a website, they rarely give the ... Read more

10+ Programming Languages FizzBuzz Program Examples

Nowadays, most interviewers ask the candidate to write the FizzBuzz program. So here I am, giving the 10+ programming languages FizzBuzz program examples. These examples will help you learn how to do it in the most popular programming languages. What is FizzBuzz Program? In the FizzBuzz program, you have to write the following logic: For ... Read more

How to Install PHP 7.3 on Windows 10?

Here I am giving a step by step example to install PHP 7.3 on Windows 10. But before installing PHP you should install Apache Web Server and to know how to install Apache Web Server on Windows 10, please check the following link Install Apache on Windows 10. Steps to Install PHP 7.3 on Windows ... Read more

Process Combo-Box Values Using PHP

Learn how to process combo-box values using the PHP programming language. What is a Combo Box? Combo-box is using to display a drop-down list of some options where we can select one option. There is a tag <select>, which is using to create a drop-down list of options. <option> tag is using to define each ... Read more

PHP Form Example - Student Grading System

PHP form example to calculate grade of a student.

Here is a PHP program with four text fields and a submit button for calculating the total marks, displaying the grade for a student in a PHP file. PHP Form Example In this program, we are creating a <table> tag (defining a table on a web page), <tr> tag(defining a row for a table), <td>tag(defining ... Read more