How to Login to Mac without Mouse?

macOS Mojave Menu Bar.

Your mouse is out of battery or whatever the reason, you can log in to Mac without mouse using this simple trick. Suppose you have two users created in your Mac, John, and Smith. So you just start typing the user's name, for example, start typing john if you want to log in using the ... Read more

macOS Mojave: Prevent Mac from Sleeping

Energy Saver configuration in macOS Mojave.

In macOS Mojave, to prevent your Mac from sleeping follow these simple steps: Prevent Mac from Sleeping (macOS Mojave) Click on the Apple icon on your Mac top menu bar. Then select System Preferences option. System Preferences window will open, now click on the Energy Saver to open the configuration window for energy saving. Now ... Read more

Installing NetBeans 8.2 on macOS Mojave

NetBeans about page.

Learn how to install NetBeans 8.2 on macOS Mojave. Follow the below mentioned steps: First, download the NetBeans 8.2 from the following link: Download NetBeans 8.2 Steps to Install NetBeans 8.2 on macOS Mojave After completing the download, double click the file named "netbeans-8.2-javase-macosx.dmg" in the download folder to extract. Then you will get the ... Read more

How to Disable Handoff on macOS Mojave

Mac OS Mojave - Disable Handoff

By default, the Handoff setting is enabled on macOS Mojave. When the setting is enabled, you will get the notifications upon some related applications on the Mac system to pick up the thing where you left off on your iPhone. If you don't want this feature you can disable the handoff on macOS Mojave by ... Read more