Is Unix is Portable?

The answer is yes, Unix is portable. Because Unix is written in the C programming language and not tied to any specific computer hardware, it has been ported to virtually every type of computer. This means that software is written on one Unix computer, can be easily moved to another computer. For the companies, there ... Read more

Linux/Unix: Execute Oracle Commands from Shell Script

Execute Oracle Commands in Linux.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to execute Oracle commands from the shell script in Linux/Unix systems. Syntax To execute Oracle commands from a shell script use the following syntax: sqlplus -silent username/psw@dbname <<QUERY_NAME --Oracle Database Commands QUERY_NAME Where the QUERY_NAME could be any valid name and in the midsection of the SQL*PLUS block, ... Read more

Linux Dialog Examples

Dialog Windows.

Previously I have given some examples of dialog package in Linux to create a menu, password boxes, and the progress bar. In this tutorial, I am giving some more details of Linux dialog package widgets with their examples. Note: The dialog package isn't installed in all Linux distributions. For Ubuntu Linux, the following is the ... Read more

Linux/Unix: Call Python From Bash Shell Script

Calling Python program from Linux.

Here I am giving some examples to demonstrate how to call Python from a bash shell script in Linux/Unix environments. Calling Python from Bash Shell Examples In the following example, it will call the Python program which will access the variable (var_name) declared in the bash shell environment. Example 1. #!/bin/bash export var_name="Vinish" python ... Read more