CSS Selectors in jQuery

Summary: In this tutorial, you will learn about the CSS Selectors in jQuery and how to use them effectively in your programs. The fact that jQuery is so simple to use is undoubtedly one of its most appealing features. You're presumably acquainted with CSS, and you're aware that the hash symbol (#) is used to ... Read more

jQuery Hide Examples

Using jQuery, you can use hide(), slideUp(), fadeOut(), and css() methods to hide an HTML element. Below are the examples: Hiding a Div using hide() Method In jQuery, to hide an HTML element, you need the static ID or the element name itself, for example, "p" (for paragraph), "button" (for a button) to supply to ... Read more

Oracle Apex: Auto Refresh Report After a Specified Interval

Auto-refresh report in Oracle Apex using jQuery.

To auto-refresh, a report in Oracle Apex, use the setInterval() method to specify the interval in milliseconds and use jQuery to refresh the report region. The following are the steps: 1. Specify a Static ID for the interactive or classic report In Oracle Apex, click on the report region, then in the property palette, scroll ... Read more