Python Coding with ChatGPT: 150+ Prompts

ChatGPT Prompts to generate Python code.

In the realm of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has emerged as a highly versatile language model, capable of generating human-like text based on the prompts it is given. This capability has opened a myriad of possibilities, particularly in the realm of programming and code generation. The language model's ability to understand prompts and ... Read more

20 Best AI Tools for Coding

AI tools for coding.

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, especially in the realm of coding and software development. AI tools are transforming the way developers code, offering solutions that automate tasks, enhance efficiency, and improve code quality. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the top 20 AI tools for ... Read more

[Fixed] Error:0308010c:digital envelope routines::unsupported

To resolve the error "error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported" you can set the NODE_OPTIONS environment variable to --openssl-legacy-provider. To set the environment variable, use the following commands depending on your shell type: Resolving - error:0308010c:digital envelope routines::unsupported For macOS, Linux or Windows Git Bash: export NODE_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider For Windows CMD (Command Prompt): set NODE_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider For Windows PowerShell: $env:NODE_OPTIONS="--openssl-legacy-provider" ... Read more

Error: Cannot find module express in Node JS

If you're getting the "Cannot find module 'express'" error in your Node.js project, there are a few steps you can take to resolve it. Resolving Error: Cannot find module express in Node JS npm install express npm init -y npm install @types/express --save-dev rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json npm install sudo npm install If you've tried ... Read more

React-scripts: command not found Error

The "react-scripts: command not found" error occurs when the react-scripts package is not installed in your project or is not listed in the dependencies object in your package.json file. To fix this error, you can try the following steps: Resolving Error: react-scripts: command not found # with NPM npm install # with Yarn yarn npm ... Read more

Module not found: error: can't resolve in React

There are a few different reasons why you might see the "module not found: error: can't resolve" error in a React application. Here is an example of how you might troubleshoot this error: Resolving - Module not found: error: can't resolve in React For example, if you are trying to import a module called MyModule ... Read more

'useHistory' was not found in react-router-dom

In version 6 of the react-router-dom library, the useHistory hook was replaced with the useNavigate hook. If you are using version 6 or higher and you are getting the error "export 'useHistory' was not found in 'react-router-dom'", you can use the useNavigate hook instead. Resolve: 'useHistory' was not found in react-router-dom Error The useNavigate hook ... Read more

How Do I Prepare for a Front-End Developer Interview?

Front-end developer interviews are an important step in the hiring process for companies looking for skilled and experienced front-end developers. To prepare for a front-end developer interview, you should know what skills and experience the employer want and be familiar with the relevant front-end technologies and frameworks. It is also important to practice common interview ... Read more

What is Transport Layer Security in Cryptography and Network Security?

TLS in Cryptography and Network Security.

‍In this article, you will learn what is Transport Layer Security in cryptography and network security. To learn what is Kerberos in cryptography and network security, check our previous article. Introduction Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used to secure communications over network protocols that use TCP as their transport layer. TLS is also known as ... Read more

What is Kerberos in Cryptography and Network Security?

Kerberos in Cryptography and Network Security.

‍In this tutorial, you will learn what is Kerberos in Cryptography and Network Security. Introduction Kerberos is a system for managing user authentication. It is designed to help users access services securely, without having to remember multiple passwords. It is not just about being able to log in to a network or computer. Users should ... Read more