Best Web Development Courses On Udemy

Are you a beginner or a practicing professional who wishes to learn or refresh their knowledge in Web Development? Don’t worry, Udemy is the perfect place for you. Udemy, one of the best online learning platforms worldwide, provides several great Web Development courses on their platform. This article will discuss five of the best Web Development courses on Udemy. Read on to know more about them in detail.

Top Five Best Web Development Courses On Udemy

All the five best Web Development courses on Udemy have some standard features which make them famous. Those are easily understandable layout, detailed explanation, steady pace of learning & practicing, comprehensible language, and certification preparation. Another advantage of learning from Udemy is that you can study at your convenience, allowing you to control your learning speed. Udemy courses also provide downloadable resources along with the purchase of a course. You can refer to these resources and lectures of Udemy when you have some troubles, even during your employment.

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022 is the top-rated Web Development Course on Udemy. Developer and Bootcamp Instructor Colt Steele created this Udemy course. This Udemy course is in English, but English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish subtitles are available. It covers all crucial tools essential for Web Development like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Mongo, etc.

The course, divided into more than 600 lectures, spans over 60 hours. There are no prerequisites to this Udemy course other than a computer as it is a beginner course. With this course, you will learn to create sites with user-friendly and secure features. The sections in this Udemy course include essential topics like web app creation, deployment, databasing, YelpCamp authorization, and legacy content.

Udemy provides more than a hundred downloadable resources along with more than sixty coding exercises. Several Global companies recommend this Udemy course to their employees to get knowledge in Full Stack Web Development. All these features make it the topper in the best Web Development courses on Udemy.

The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp

This Udemy course gives all the necessary information on skills required to succeed in Web Development in 2022. The course has a 4.7-star rating and is a bestseller in Udemy. Dr. Angela Yu, Developer and Lead Instructor at London App Brewery, created this thorough course on Web Development. The creator has more than a million students on Udemy itself.

This Udemy course comes with eighty articles and several coding exercises with lifetime access on mobile and TV. This almost fifty-five minutes course has 441 lectures divided into 35 sections. Like other beginner courses, this one, too, doesn’t have any prerequisites. Several major companies like Apple, Volkswagen, Netflix, and Box train their staff with this Udemy course.

The Udemy course will help you to grasp Front End and Back End skills required for a WebMaster. The detailed lectures of this Udemy course include HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, DOM, Node, Databases, React, and authentication topics. All these great features make it one of the best Web Development courses on Udemy.

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Rob Percival of Codestars by Rob Percival created this ultimate Web Developer course on Udemy. It covers 360 lectures in more than 30 hours. The course contains HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, and Python with all their features and functions. This Udemy course will teach you to build web applications and give you the skills of a professional Web Developer.

There are no prerequisites to this Udemy course. It also comes with more than a hundred articles on Web Development. This Udemy course is the preferred choice by several major companies for staff training. It indeed is one of the top courses on Web Development in Udemy.

Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer Course for 2021

Canadian Web Designer Brad Hussey is the creator of this course on Udemy. This Udemy course teaches you all the vital skills of a Web Developer, from development to deployment and management. With a total time of more than 33 hours, this course provides detailed instructions and practices in Web Development.

The included topics in this Udemy course are from all the major Programming Languages and tools for Website Development. It also comes with more than 30 downloadable resources and plenty of assignments to shape your skills. All these features make this course one of the best Web Development courses on Udemy.

Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

This Udemy course is another fantastic creation of Developer Brad Hussey with collaboration from Code College. It teaches critical skills to develop website applications from scratch. While learning to use such basic methods, a student can gain experience in problems faced by expert professionals. This course has a 4.6-star rating on Udemy and more than 72000 students so far.

This eight-hour Udemy course with 77 lectures has topics of features and functions of HTML and CSS. 7 downloadable resources are available with this Udemy course. This course will surely help you in creating a successful career in Website Development.

FAQs About Best Web Development Courses

Which course is best for Web Developer?

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022 by Colt Steele is the best course for Web Developer on Udemy. More than 727800 students attended this course which has a 4.7-star approval rating. It is a preferred course by many because it explains primary programming languages and functions.

Is Udemy a good place to learn Web Development?

Yes. Udemy is a great place to learn Web Development. Udemy provides lectures from industry leaders who have professional experience in Web Development. Lifetime validity to courses helps the user to go through the course as many times as they want. The practices, tests certification examination preparation, and Udemy certification are extra benefits.

What is the best full-stack Web development course on Udemy?

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022 is the best Full Stack Web Development course on Udemy. It provides full knowledge on Front End and Back End Web Development with primary programming languages. The Udemy course also trains the student in the common structures and layouts of the coding. This knowledge will help the student to learn other programming languages quickly.

Are all courses on Udemy paid?

Udemy offers both paid and unpaid courses. You can have access to unpaid Udemy courses by just signing in to Udemy. Some unpaid Udemy courses are also obtainable with paid Udemy courses as bonuses.

Can I add a Udemy certificate to my Resume?

Yes. You can add your Udemy certificate to your Resume. Udemy certificate is an achievement that shows you have attended a class successfully. And because a Resume can show all achievements, you can add a Udemy certificate to your Resume.


The article briefly discussed five of the best Web Development courses on Udemy. All these mentioned Web Development courses are the most reviewed courses on Udemy. Udemy courses provide the best resources to anyone who wishes to learn from the primary level. You can benefit a lot from these Udemy courses in your career or your education. So, go ahead and apply to one of the best Web Development courses on Udemy.

Quick List of Best Web Development Courses On Udemy

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