Best Kotlin Courses on Udemy

Kotlin is the future of Android Application Development, if not Application Development altogether. It is because Kotlin provides the developer with the maximum freedom in the functions of the application developed. Kotlin applications are low-code, compatible with existing languages, compact, dynamic, reliable, maintainable, easily adaptable, readable, and interoperable. The benefits of learning Kotlin are numerous, and it provides the developer with several new career opportunities. This article will briefly discuss the best Kotlin courses on Udemy.

The 5 Best Kotlin Courses on Udemy

There are several top Kotlin courses on Udemy. But this article compiled the top 5 best Kotlin courses on Udemy.  No other prior knowledge of any programming language is necessary as they are Kotlin introductory courses. All these courses have only one prerequisite of Microsoft Windows, Linux, or macOS operating system. Read on to know more about the course and its outcomes.

The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course by Dr. Hussein Alrubaye

Course Details:

This course has 155 lectures in 23 sections and 27 hours and 6 minutes total time. It is available in the English language and has English and Italian subtitles. Also, over 145900 students attended this course with a 4.1-star rating as of November 2021. It is one of the best Kotlin Courses on Udemy. The course has thorough assignments for a student’s better understanding. 

Course Outcomes:

  • The course will help you build your first Kotlin app and other existing popular gaming and utility apps.
  • It will help you work with New Firebase, Web services, user locations, maps, cameras, and other hardware.
  • It will train you to use system services and collections.
  • The course will also help you understand programming logic, condition, control, foundation, and OOP in Kotlin.

Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin by Tim Buchalka, Jean-Paul Roberts, and David Reidy

Course Details:

This course with 4.4-star ratings has about 35000 students so far. It is available in English with subtitles in English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The course has 382 lectures in 18 sections spread through 62 hours and 14 minutes. This course is one of the most popular and best Kotlin courses on Udemy.

Course Outcomes:

  • The course will teach you core Android and Kotlin App development skills.
  • You will also learn how to go for the latest and older versions of Android during app development.
  • The course will teach you to apply Kotlin in Android App development.

The Complete Android 12 & Kotlin Development Masterclass by Denis Panjuta

Course Details:

This Masterclass course has 4.5-star ratings and over 22000 students. It covers 20 sections of 398 lectures in 63 hours and 26 minutes. Globally famous companies also provide this course to their employees due to its quality of knowledge. This course is one of the top Kotlin courses in Udemy.

Course Outcomes:

  • The course will help you build the app in your imagination with the Kotlin programming language.
  • It will teach you to develop and deploy Android apps to Google Playstore.
  • The course will also teach you to create cloud apps through Google Firebase.

Kotlin for Java Developers Course on Udemy by Tim Buchalka, Goran Lochert

Course Details:

This course has 11 sections and 90 lectures of 16 hours and 45 minutes. Because of its in-depth content, it is one of the most popular Kotlin courses on Udemy. Many major development companies refer this course to their employees. The course is in English with English and Polish subtitles.

Course Outcomes:

  • This course will teach a Java developer how to migrate to Kotlin and create apps with Kotlin.
  • It will help you to understand the differences between Java and Kotlin while creating Kotlin apps.

Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming With Kotlin by Peter Sommerhoff

Course Details:

Over 13000 students attended this course which has a 4.5-star rating on Udemy. The course spans 15 sections and 66 lectures for 6 hours and 36 minutes. This course also has direct references from the Kotlin website. The course includes topics of core Kotlin components and teaches employment-essential skills.

Course Outcomes:

  • This course will help you to create professional-level applications with Kotlin.
  • You will understand the basic concepts of Kotlin with ease and how it is integrable with other programming languages.
  • It will teach you to read and write Kotlin codes through practice.

How to Apply for the Course?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

It just takes around 2 minutes to apply for the course at Udemy. Following are the instructions:

  1. Open the Udemy Website

    Go to

  2. Sign-Up for the Account

    Click on the Sign-Up button. Enter your name and email details and click on the Sign-up button.

  3. Select Course and Apply

    After logging in, search the course and click on the Buy Now button.

FAQs - Best Kotlin Courses

Which is the best course for Kotlin?

The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course is the best course for Kotlin. It is available in Udemy. It covers the entire topic of developing, deploying, and managing Apps through the Kotlin platform. The course teaches a beginner all the required skills to become a professional suitable for employment.

Should I learn Kotlin in 2021?

Yes. You should learn Kotlin in 2021. Kotlin helps develop cross-platform applications for appropriate for mobile devices and the web.

What is Android Kotlin?

For Android Application Development. It is not a unique language, but it is interoperable with existing programming languages. The development of Kotlin was while keeping in mind the technological advances of other major languages. Kotlin uses all the better features from the rest to make itself an expandable alternative. It is open-source and statically-typed, which upholds Functional and Object-Oriented Programming.

Is Kotlin the future?

Kotlin is the future. Google uses Kotlin in more than 30% of its code and recently declared that Kotlin will be the preferred Development Platform for Android. With the tech giant’s approval, Kotlin gained popularity and acceptance from several other major players in Application Development. So, the future of Kotlin in Development, especially Android Application Development, is bright.

Why is Google moving to Kotlin?

Implementation of Kotlin on existing Languages is easy as Kotlin provides the best transferability. Google’s entire code is in Java, but right now, about 30% of data is in Kotlin. Kotlin gives the developer maximum flexibility as it is a superior programming language. The development of Kotlin was in such a manner that it reflected the evolution of programming language itself throughout the years. It has all the better features from all programming languages, that is why Google is moving to Kotlin.

Can Kotlin be used for iOS?

Yes. Kotlin can be used for iOS. Kotlin is a multi-platform development language. It provides cross-platform features to all apps that use its code.


These mentioned courses are the top Kotlin courses on Udemy. Udemy ensures that the conduction of classes is in a step-by-step manner. It allows students to gain knowledge along with practices and examples. Any course that you will select will give you the fundamental skills as said in the course description. So, go ahead and choose one for yourself from the best Kotlin courses on Udemy.

Quick List of Best Kotlin Courses On Udemy

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