Best Hosting Solutions for Oracle Apex

Here in this blog, we will be discussing Oracle APEX, a look into the best Oracle APEX Hosting Providers, and different parameters to compare. So sit tight and read on.

What is Oracle Apex?

Oracle APEX or Oracle Application Express is an Integrated Development Platform (IDE). This platform enables you to build scalable, secure, and beautiful applications. These feature-loaded apps could be deployed anywhere. With Oracle APEX you can build enterprise apps 20x faster with 100x less code, this is what Oracle claims. In other words, developers can code and solve problems faster.

Oracle developed APEX to create and manage Oracle databases. APEX comes pre-installed with Oracle's database products starting from Oracle 11g. APEX was born in early 2000. It has undergone many name changes over the years. Meanwhile, names in order are:

  • Flows
  • Oracle Platform
  • Project Marvel
  • APEX or Application Express

Now Oracle APEX comes bundled as managed service as a part of the Oracle Cloud Platform. There are various advantages of using Oracle APEX over conventional methods like:

  • DBA's have lots of free time as now they can solve problems and build applications faster.
  • The built applications are scalable.
  • Easy to deploy.
  • APEX apps could run freely on Oracle databases.
  • Easily integrate with different datasets, etc.

A look into different Oracle APEX hosting providers

You need a hosting provider to run Oracle APEX-developed apps. After that, you need to register and configure your server. However, there are many hosting providers that you can choose from based on your location. Now let's take a brief look at the different Oracle APEX hosting providers:

MaxApex Hosting Provider

You can choose MaxApex Hosting providers no matter where you are from. In other words, they have global operations. However, the USA is their headquarters. They were established in 2008 and had excellent clients from across 60 countries. Above all, their team has experienced professionals who offer curated solutions to their customers.

You can choose if you are in The Netherlands. Apart from the Netherlands, they offer services in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The team at consists of experts and Database Administrators who support you 24*7.


You can choose DSP-Explorer if you live in the UK. However, you can rely on this hosting provider if you are somewhere in Europe, Middle East, Africa. In addition to that, they have several years of experience in offering world-class consultancy on APEX projects.

APEX Solutions

If you are in the Czech Republic, you can choose this hosting provider. In addition, they operate in Africa, Middle East, and Europe. They are one of the leading hosting providers. In other words, its hosting solutions are optimized and specialized for running APEX-developed apps.

Data Intensity

You can choose this hosting provider if you are in the UK.  However, Data Intensity offers services to global audiences. In addition, they support their clients from small departmental apps to enterprise-grade deployments.

Enciva Hosting Provider

You can choose this hosting provider if you are from North America. However, the USA is the primary location where they offer their services. In addition, they are pretty popular in the U.K and USA region and serve clients from over 35 different countries.

Entrust Consultors

They offer services in El Salvador and the whole of Latin America. In addition, they offer all the necessary features with the right expertise. Above all, all their services are curated for APEX technology applications.

IT Convergence Hosting Services

They offer services to the USA and the whole of North America. Above all, they provide services that offer maximum accessibility, visibility, and flexibility for their clients.

Monitor IS Ltd.

You can choose this hosting provider if you stay in the UK and anywhere in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East. Above all, they are experts in this segment. In addition, they offer services like Development, Design, Hosting, Support, Migration, Training, etc.

Revion Solutions Inc.

Revion Solutions offer their services in the USA. However, you can use them anywhere in North America. They are quite famous. In other words, they are leading hosting providers which offer services to different clientele. For instance, it includes government branches, self-employed developers, Fortune 500 companies, etc., to name a few. 

SIANET Business Hosting Provider

SIANET caters to its customers in Latin America. However, it's based in Brazil. In addition, they have been offering enterprise-grade solutions for over ten years in the market. Above all, they have a solution to all your complexities.


You can opt for SkillBuilders if you are from the USA. However, they operate everywhere across the North American region. In addition, they offer a safe and stable production environment that your APEX-developed app requires.

Portrix Systems GmbH

Choose Portrix Systems if you are from Germany and looking for hosting providers. In addition to Germany, they cater to customers from Europe, Middle East, Africa too. Above all, they offer a full-service offering that handles running and operating complex IT systems. In other words, they have the required expertise in Oracle database hosting.

Parameters to analyze an Oracle APEX hosting provider

All the above-mentioned hosting providers offer hosting solutions for Oracle APEX-developed apps. All these hosting providers have different types of packages. They have Shared Hosting packages, Dedicated Hosting packages, and Cloud Database packages. You can choose any one package from these that suits your requirements.

Price per month, Hard Disk space, workspaces, schemas, SQL Developer support, SSL Support, PHP 7 compatibility, FTP Access, Domain Mapping, Database backup, Money Back Guarantee, Multiple Server Locations, Application bandwidth allowed, Email Hosting option, Setup time, Jasper Report, Tablespace quota, and many more features.

You have to analyze and compare the features of an Oracle APEX hosting provider. Based on the availability at your location. After which, consult with an expert to select the best hosting provider. Determine the best hosting provider that suits your APEX-developed apps.


Every hosting provider offers you almost similar benefits. You need to compare and analyze it to the point to decide the short and long-term benefits to arrive at a decision. 

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