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10+ Best Flesch Reading Score Checkers Online (Free & Paid)

Flesch Reading Score Checker, a unique term that content creators use to catch the attention of most people. No matter how effective copywriting techniques you use, people will always hit the back button if they don't get the transparency on what you write. In the process of strategizing the content, each detail matters, including keyword distribution, use of phrases and headers, word count, and readability score. The Flesch Reading Score Checker is used to measure the readability of your content. In SEO, readability tells how much easier or complex your content is to read. Therefore, it's a question that comes to your mind about the best Flesch reading score checkers available on the internet so here is the list.

10+ Best Flesch Reading Score Checkers Online

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1. WebFX Readability Tool

Have you ever tried to think how easier your website is to understand while writing a blog or article? Does the content satisfy the expectations of the audience you're targeting? WebFX allows you to scale up your readability score of the content. You can get a detailed report by putting the URL of the content or text directly in the WebFX tool. After analyzing the text, it will show you various metrics used in measuring the Flesch Reading Score.

  1. Flesch Reading Ease
  2. Flesch Kincaid grade-level test
  3. SMOG Index
  4. The Automated Readability Index 
  5. The Gunning Fog Score

WebFX is a free tool and costs you nothing to analyze your content.

2. Readability Analyzer

Sometimes, people search for the best Flesch Reading Score Checker that individually focuses on the readability score of your content. Now, there's no need to wander all over the internet as the Readability Analyzer meets your expectations. Our second-best Flesch Reading Score Checker evaluates the readability score of a passage of your content. 

However, you need to seek the help of Flesch Reading Ease, Fry Readability, Fog Scale Level, SMOG Formula, and other metrics. Flesch Reading Ease plays a vital role in measuring your content readability. In addition, it gives a result on how lengthy your text is and how many syllables you're using per word. It's a free online readability software that is open to improving your Flesch Reading Ease.

3. Grammarly

If you're not comfortable in writing lengthy passages or blogs, then Grammarly is an excellent platform for nourishing your text. Grammarly is a premium tool that helps you eliminate writing and spelling errors. Also, it's an astonishingly powerful and valuable assistant that focuses on writing style rather than going deep in SEO. Moreover, We all know that poorly written content won't bring the audience to your website and sets a negative impact.

It enhances Flesch Reading Score by addressing errors in the tone and structure of your content. You can set a goal like; Academic, Business, Technical, Productive, or Casual for a better improvement in Flesch Reading Ease. Therefore, the paid version of Grammarly lets you analyze plagiarism and the advanced suggestions that are not visible in the free version. 


  1. Annual: $12/month (60% off)
  2. Quarterly: $20/month (33% off)
  3. Monthly: $30/month 

4. Text Optimizer

Text Optimizer is one of the best Flesch reading score checkers that helps to rank your website up by strategizing your content SEO. The chief purpose of Text Optimizer is checking the Flesch reading ease, giving keyword suggestions and words that you can remove from the text. 

TextOptimizer is an easy and efficient tool to write well-optimized content in less time possible. However, more than 70% of the Text Optimizer users have claimed that their website ranked up within five weeks. Hence, you can subscribe to its premium version for a better user experience. It's available in both free and paid versions with some restrictions in the free tool.


  1. Monthly: $60/month
  2. Annual: $45/month (33% off)

5. Readable.io 

Here comes another best Flesch reading score checker you can use to measure the Flesch Reading Ease, SMOG Index, and Automated Readability Index. Readable.io analyzes keyword density, long sentences and eliminates the spelling and punctuation errors from your text. Secondly, you get a detailed report about long words, typos, engagement, and passive voices. One of the advantages of using Readable.io is that it points out lengthy sentences in yellow and red. However, you can use any of the free or premium plans to analyze your text readability. 


  1. ContentPro: $4/month
  2. CommercePro: $24/month
  3. AgencyPro: $69/month

6. Gunning Fog Index

The Content Creators use the Gunning fog index to confirm that the intended audience can read their text easily. Here we're calculating the Flesch reading score in the form of the Fog Index. A large audience needs a fog index of less than 12 on a scale of 6 to 17. 

When you analyze the readability score, you get other metrics like; the number of words, punctuation marks, and syllables. In terms of ease, this comes under the best free Flesch Reading Score checker.

7. Automatic Readability Checker

Automatic Readability Checker is a free Flesch reading score checker available on the internet. It uses various popular formulas for determining the quality and grade level of your content. Automatic Readability Checker lets you know how easy or difficult your text is to understand for the audience. 

In other words, it checks the parameters like; Flesch Reading Ease, Gunning Fog Index, SMOG Index, Linear Write Formula, Automated Readability Index, and others to check the Flesch Reading Score. However, the text length must be between 150 to 3000 to analyze the above parameters. It's a free online readability tool available to all content creators. 

8. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

We can bet that SEO Writing Assistant is the best Flesch reading score checker you've ever used in your life. Add your content keywords, and the SEO Writing Assistant will provide you with a Flesch reading ease based on keywords. It also assists you with the length of sentences, word count, and tone of your text. 

In addition, You can set a readability score level, customize the tone of voice, and get the quick keyword phrases in SEO Writing Assistant. In addition, this is the only tool in the list that comes with this feature. You can adjust the tone and structure of the text relevant to your targeted audience. 

However, SEMrush comes with free and paid plans like; Pro, Guru, and Business with a charge of $119, $229, and $449, respectively. If you buy a paid annual plan, then you can save up to 17%. 

9. Yoast SEO Tool

Yoast SEO is a popular plugin that most WordPress users and digital marketers use to check the basic SEO parameters for their content. You can analyze outbound links, Flesch Reading Ease, keyphrase length, meta description length, SEO title width, sentence length, heading distribution, and other matrices. 

Yoast SEO is a premium version that allows you to improve your website structures and prevent the audience from reaching dead links. In addition, you can use the Workouts for better optimization and the internal linking feature. 

It is available in the form of free as well as paid versions. By subscribing to its premium services, you get extra benefits like; SEO courses and a 24x7 support team. Moreover, the Yoast SEO premium plugin will cost you $89 per year.

10. Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a free and best Flesch reading score checker that lets you improve the mechanics of your content. It finds out the spelling typos, complex sentence structure, overuse of passive voices and adverbs, and word count. If you come before a Red highlighted text, then your sentence is so dense and complicated. Your audience may lose the while following its meandering and logic. 

The Hemingway App describes what adjustments you can make in your content so that it looks more consistent and relevant. Moreover, it comes as a free desktop application that provides you with all the readability scores. 

11. StoryToolz

Another best Flesch Reading Score checker that helps creators to nourish their content. With the help of StoryToolz, you can get all the metrics like; Flesch Reading Ease, Automated Readability Index, SMOG Index, Gunning fog index, etc. As a result, it will show various parameters about your text, including the number of sentences, short and lengthy sentences, and passive voices. In addition, 

StoryToolz provides how you're using words in your content. Secondly, StoryToolz comes with free author resources that let you check the readability without spending any money. 

12. Readability Calculator

Readability Calculator, a Flesch Reading Score Checker, won't cost you anything to check the quality and consistency of your text. It goes deep into your text and extracts overall readability as a result. Moreover, with the use of the Readability Calculator, you get passage statistics, Flesch Reading Ease, Gunning Fog Scale, and SMOG grade too. 

For example; Paste your passage into the analyzer and get all the readability metrics. It's free online software that makes your text more readable by improving the tone of your sentences. 


To make your content more interactive and relevant, you can use any of the above Flesch reading score checkers. Sometimes content readability contains spelling errors, punctuation errors, and lengthy sentences. Therefore, these are the metrics that need to be removed otherwise, it affects your targeted audience.