Auto Send Mail Immediately After Publishing A Post In blogger

You can send your blog posts immediately after when you publish them, to up to 10 email addresses in Blogger blogspot blog. This option can be used to inform other authors of your blog and owner of your blog or any other special people to whom you want to get updated immediately after publishing of your blog posts. Generally your blog posts are being send by Feedburner after one day of publishing to your subscribers but through this option you can send to specific email addresses to whom you want to inform.

Sent Automatic mail on publish of post in blogger blogspot
To set this option in blogger follow these steps:
1. Go to the Settings > Mobile and Email option and click on Add link adjacent to Email Posts To option as shown in below image:
2. Then type up to 10 email addresses separate them with comma and then save the settings.
You are done and now whenever you publish the blog post it will automatically send to these email addresses immediately.

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