An Example of Pre-Query and Post-Query Triggers in Oracle Forms With Using Display_Item to Highlight Dynamically

Example is given for Pre-Query and Post-Query triggers in Oracle Forms, with using Display_Item built-in in Post-Query triggers to highlight fields dynamically. This is the screen shot below for this example: You can also download this form from the following link: Query.fmb The example is based on HR schema departments table. In this example Department No. ... Read more

Blogger Introduced New Themes in 2017

It's a good news for bloggers who are using Blogger platform for their blogs that Blogger introduced many beautiful themes on 20th March 2017. These themes are fully responsive and SEO friendly with all new fresh look. So you can use these blogger templates launched in 2017 for your blogs rather than taking blogger templates ... Read more

Select Bulk Collect into Oracle Example

In the previous blog post, I have given an example to use Oracle Bulk Collect Using Cursor Rowtype Type Object. Which first creates the cursor then type object of cursor type and then open the cursor, fetching into bulk collect and then finally process them using Forall. But sometimes you may be required to prepare ... Read more

Oracle Joins With Examples

Oracle joins with examples are given below to describe Oracle Joins using new syntax. Which is very easy to understand and very good in SQL query readability. Because if query is larger and having too many tables with too  many joins in old syntax it becomes complex to understand. So it is better to use ... Read more

Convert Oracle Form to Apex Using frmf2xml Utility

convert oracle form to apex

If you want to use your Oracle Form's functionality in Oracle Apex application then you need to convert first Oracle Form into XML using frmf2xml utility in Oracle Forms 11g and then you need to create a migration project into Oracle Apex. Below are the steps are given to perform this task. 1. Convert Oracle ... Read more

SQL Query Example to Read Data from XML in Oracle

Below is the example of SQL query to read / extract data from XML in Oracle. You can query any XML easily by providing its namespace clause and the path information through SQL query. Suppose you have XML data in the following format: <main>   <DATA_RECORD> <EMPNO>7369</EMPNO> <ENAME>SMITH11V9</ENAME> <JOB>CLERK</JOB> <MGR>7698</MGR> <HIREDATE>1980/12/17 00:00:00</HIREDATE> <SAL>800</SAL> <DEPTNO>20</DEPTNO> </DATA_RECORD> ... Read more