apex.util.showSpinner() Example

Do you want to show Oracle Apex Spinner while performing a task? Mostly we required to show some processing status when we call some Ajax Callback application process or executing a database procedure in the background and we want to give some indicator to the end-user that something is processing in behind so that he can wait. Here in this tutorial, I am giving an example of apex.util.showSpinner() JavaScript function to show the spinner in Oracle Apex. Below is the screenshot of Apex spinner in Mac (in windows it is little different):

apex.util.showSpinner Example

Oracle Apex - apex.util.showSpinner Example

Suppose you are calling an Ajax Callback process on page load, which takes around 4 to 5 seconds time to process and you want to show the Apex spinner while its process completes. To achieve this goal, follow these steps:

1. Specify Static ID for a Region

In your page in Apex, specify a static id to a region in which you want to show the spinner. To do this, go to Page properties > Advanced > Static ID. As shown in the below image:

Oracle Apex region with static id.

2.  Add JavaScript for Page Load

Now add JavaScript code to execute on page load, go to Page > JavaScript > Executes when page load and add the following JavaScript code, also shown in the below image:

var lSpinner$, lPromise;
apex.util.delayLinger.start( "main", function() {
    lSpinner$ = apex.util.showSpinner( $( "#ofcdetails" ) );
} );

    function() {
    }, 5000);

Oracle Apex - JavaScript code on page load.

Please notice in the above JavaScript code that static region id "ofcdetails" is used.

Now save the changes and run the page to test.

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    • You are an experienced developer as I can see from your posts, so can I ask you for an advice.

      I have an application process which downloads a PDF from an external source. The process works but the user experience is quite bad, because the user doesn't get any feedback if the process started.

      I know how to show the spinner but then I don't know when to dismiss it, since as far as I know it can't be stopped by the server side (process).

      Any idea?

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